Thursday, 30 June 2016


collect below information first -
What OS is the user running?
What version of IE is she using?
What version of the Receiver ?
1-) In IE > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > tick SSL2.0
2-) Uninstall ICA client and reinstall.
3-) User's local profile on the PC rename and ask them to login.
4-) User's profile on Citrix Server rename and ask them to log back in.
5-) Test user on a different computer.
6-) Local firewall on the computer. Even if it's disabled - enable and then try.
7-) AV on the computer.
8-) User's profile on each of the Citrix Servers - delete them and make sure gone from registry if windows 2008 .bak key.

9-) On the trouble user's PC you login and try connecting to Citrix.

10-) Try using procmon.exe of the sysinternals suite to troubleshoot your problem. You can download it here:

Logon to the server desktop and start procmon. Start the app under a normal user account (not admin) and see what happens. You might see one or more errors/access denieds etc. why the app. cannot start.

how session reliability works ?